Little Marc Design | Marc Funda

But how, please?

Thanks for your interest in my work. I hope you like the websites presented on my projects page.
On this page I will explain the procedure and the way we would work together.


First of all: If you live in London, I would like to meet you for a coffee. I find that a direct conversation is often much better than a bunch of emails. We can talk through a project and I will answer any questions you have straight away
But if you don’t live in or around London then that is not a problem at all. We can email, phone or talk via Skype.

Contents? Content!

Once you made the decision that you would like to have your own website, you will need to think about the content. What is it that you do? What is it what you would like to share with others?
Your website is the place to present your work to everyone. If you know about the contents, we can develop a structure for the website. This means we develop the framework in which your work is presented. You can submit your text to me in a word document (.doc)  or in a txt.file.

How will I ensure the website reflects my style?

Before I start designing I will try to find about you and the things you like. You might like to tell me about your favourite colours or images. Or even point me to websites you have seen and especially like. I will take these suggestions on board and will create a website that will reflect your style while showcasing your work in an appropriate way.

Domain name? Web hosting?

If you don’t know anything about these I will talk you through it. Not a problem at all.

Step by step

  • Have a think about the contents for your website.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me with any initial questions you have. I am more than happy to answer them and to clarify anything that is not clear to you.
  • If you decide after an initial consultation that you’d like me to design your website (yay!) then I will get back to you with a quote for a cost, a work outline and a schedule for the work.
  • My quote accepted and the work schedule agreed, I will ask you to send me all the files with text and images to go onto your website.
  • I will present a design for you to review. This will also allow for you to look at the contents and make changes if needed.
  • Once the changes are made, your website can go live.
  • You have your own website.